The Art of Applying for a Job

As a jobseeker there are three important things to do before applying to any job:

As I mentioned before, recruiters hate receiving resumes from unqualified applicants. Once you qualify yourself, you can usually apply using one of four conventional methods: mail, fax, email, or online application forms. Carefully follow the instructions on how to apply or else your resume may be ignored if you fail to include things like your salary requirements or the job code.

There are a growing number of recruiters that specifically tell you not to apply via the job board but instead follow the instructions they have at the end of the job posting. They do this to filter out people who don't read instructions. Be forewarned, if you don't do as they request, your resume will get trashed.

Each apply method has its own set of guidelines that you should follow. But that does not mean you can't get creative by adding your own personal touch. After all, the goal of applying is to get noticed. In general, the job candidates who stand out are those that make the extra effort to establish a relationship with the recruiter or hiring manager. How you do that is up to you.

Consider the following example. A company places a newspaper job listing with the following copy at the bottom:

For more information on this exciting opportunity please visit our website at Applicants were then urged to submit their resume to the 'Managing Partner'. Out of 140 resumes received, 138 were addressed to "Whom it may concern "or "Dear Sir/Madam". Only 2 applications were addressed to "Brian Clayton, Managing Partner".

Those 2 applicants were the first to be called in for interviews because they showed the initiative to find out the actual name of the managing partner by going to the website and uncovering the name.

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